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3/4th Grade Girls Basketball Rules
5th/6th Grade Girls Basketball Rules
7th/8th Grade Girls Basketball Rules

March 2020

Girls Basketball Information and Contacts

League Days
Start Date
1st and 2nd
Saturday Afternoons
 (HS A Gym and Rec)

Jerry Piemonte
3rd and 4th
Friday Nights
(Grammar schools)
Larry Showfety
5th and 6th
Thursday Nights
(TJ Middle School)
Amiee Joyce
7th and 8th
Thursday Nights
(Radburn School)
Jac Joyce

Other Contacts
Cell Number

Girls Chairman
Jerry Piemonte

Travel Contacts
Head Coach

Website Link for Schedule
3rd Grade Travel Coach
Mike Schmitt

NWBP Pee Wee American
4th Graade BTBL Travel CoachStephon Barnesstephonwbarnes@yahoo.comBTBL 4th Air Force
4th Grade Travel Coach
Keyla Martinez

NWBP 4th Grade Bantam Central
5th Grade Travel Coach
Ruben Martinez
rub1922@yahoo.com NWBP 5th Junior Red American
6th Grade Travel Coach 
Jerry Piemonte

BTBL 6th Air Force
NWBP 6th Int. Red Central
7th Grade Travel Coach
Brian Perlman

BTBL 7th Navy
NWBP 7th Red National
8th Grade Travel Coach
Rob Lado

rlado@fiarlawn.org BTBL 8th Army
NWBP 8th Red American

If you have any questions, please contact the Fair Lawn Recreation Department at 201-796-6746.

2019 Girls 5/6th Grade Champions - Palermo Bakery

2019 5/6th Champs

2019 Girls 5/6th Runner Up - Pinelli Chiropractic Center

5/6th Runner Up 2019

2019 5/6th All-Stars

5/6th All Stars 2019

5/6th League
MVP (Siri P) & Most Improved Player (Emma M)


2019 Girls 7/8th Grade Champions - Organized Artistry
2019 Champs 7/8th

2019 Girls 7/8th Runner Up - Columbia Bank
Runner up 7/8th 2019

2019 7/8th All-Stars
7/8th All Stars

7/8th League
MVP (Rachel S) & Most Improved Player (Michaela M)
2019 MVP & Most Improved 7/8th

2019 7th Runner Up BTBL 2019 Red National Champs 6th 3rd Grade 2019 2019 8th grade girls travel
2019 Girls BTBL 7th Grade Army Runner Up
2019 Girls NWBP Intermediate Red National Champs
2019 Girls 3rd grade
Pee Wee NWBP League Runner Up
2019 8th grade Girls Travel Basketball
2018 NWBP Runner Up 5th Grade 2018 MIT Champs 6th Grade girls 2018 6th Runner Up BTBL 2018 BTBL Runner Up Girls 7th
2018 Girls 5th NWBP Junior Red Central
 Runner Up
2018 Girls 6th Maywood Invitational Tournament Champions 2018 Girls 6th BTBL Army Division  Runner up 2018 Girls 7th BTBL Navy Division Runner up
2018 7/8th Grade Champs 2018 Runner Ups 2018 5/6th Champs 2018 5th/6th Runner Ups
2018 7/8th Grade Champs
Luca's Deli
2018 7/8th Grade Rec Runners Up
Columbia Bank
2018 5th/6th Grade Rec Champions
Vanderplaat Caggiano Funeral Home
2018 5th/6th Grade Rec Runner Ups
Promenade Dental
2017 Champs Runner Up 2017 2016 7/8th Champs Runner Up 2017
5/6th All Stars 2016 7/8thth All Stars 2016 3rd and 4th 2016 Fair Lawn Travel 2014
2017 5/6th Grade Rec
 All Star Teams
2017 7/8th rec
All Stars Teams
3rd and 4th Grade Rec 2017
2017 8th grade girls 2017 5th Grade Champs 5th Grade girls 2017 7th Grade runner up 2017
2017 8th Grade
BTBL Army Champs
2017 NWBP
5th Grade Junior Red
National Champs
2017 HIllsdale Hoops Invitational 5th Grade Champs
2017 7th Grade Girls NWBP Runner Up
3/4th Grade travel team 4th 2017 5th 2016-17 2016-17 6th Grade Travel
2017 3rd/4th Grade
Girls Travel Team
2017 4th Grade Girls Travel Team 2017 5th Grade Girls Travel Team 2017 6th Grade Girls Travel Team
7th Grade travel 2017 8th Grade 2017
2017 7th Grade Girls Travel Team 2017 7th Grade Girls Travel Team

Coaches' Resources
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