Fair Lawn All-Sports
2006 T-Ball Baseball Schedule




Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.  --  the team listed first will bat first in each game and pre-game practice



Dobrow Sports Complex

Brookdale Park

Memorial Park



Zuckerman Field


Kaminer/Marks Field

Field 1

(by basketball court)

Field 2

(by playground)


DeJong Field







April 15

Padres & Cardinals
@ Ackerman Field *

White Sox & Marlins
@ Edison School *

Mets & Giants

Athletics & Blue Jays

Yankees & Pirates


April 22

White Sox & Yankees

Pirates & Athletics

Blue Jays & Cardinals

Mets & Marlins

Giants & Padres


April 26

Photo Day at Memorial Middle School  --  5 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Wednesday evening  --  details to be announced 

April 29

Marlins & Giants

Blue Jays & Padres

Pirates & White Sox

Yankees & Athletics

Cardinals & Mets


May 6

Mets & Padres
@ Ackerman Field *

Yankees & Blue Jays
@ Edison School *

Athletics & Cardinals

White Sox & Giants

Pirates & Marlins


May 13

Giants & Blue Jays
@ Ackerman Field *

Cardinals & White Sox
@ Edison School *

Marlins & Yankees

Pirates & Mets

Padres & Athletics


May 20

Yankees & Giants

Marlins & Cardinals

Pirates & Padres

Mets & Blue Jays

Athletics & White Sox 

May 27

Cardinals & Pirates

Mets & Yankees

Athletics & Giants

Padres & White Sox

Marlins & Blue Jays


May 29

Memorial Day Parade  --  to join in, meet on Pollitt Drive, north of the Radburn train station, in uniform at 10 a.m. 

June 3

Athletics & Mets

Giants & Pirates

Blue Jays & White Sox

Padres & Marlins

Cardinals & Yankees 

June 10

Blue Jays & Pirates

Marlins & Athletics

Yankees & Padres

Giants & Cardinals

White Sox & Mets 

 * -- on April 15th, May 6th, and May 13th, T-Ball will play at Ackerman Field and Edison School, not at the Dobrow Sports Complex


for maps and directions, visit www.sportsmanager.us/fairlawnallsports.htm, and click on Playing Areas 

Ackerman Field  --  near the tennis courts by TJ Middle School, on Morlot Avenue near Saddle River Road
Brookdale Park  --  on Sycamore Drive, between Tunbridge Rd. and Blue Hill Ave., four blocks south of Broadway
DeJong Field  --  across the parking lot from Memorial Pool, past the west end of Berdan Avenue
Edison School (Woodling Field)  --  on Fair Lawn Avenue, three blocks west of Saddle River Road
Kaminer/Marks Field  --  at the Dobrow Sports Complex, behind Zuckerman Field�s left field fence
Zuckerman Field  --  at the Dobrow Sports Complex food stand, on Harristown Road near Maple Avenue


team sponsors & colors:


H& R Block ATHLETICS  (green)
Ness Pizza BLUE JAYS  (light blue)
Brunch Club Cafe CARDINALS  (red)
Commerce Bank  GIANTS  (black)
Stahl Dental Studio MARLINS  (jade)
Inserra Supermarkets METS  (royal blue)
Sandvik PADRES  (maroon)
Sundance Pool Service PIRATES  (gold)
Subway WHITE SOX  (light grey)
Village Sports YANKEES  (navy blue)

    all players should bring baseball gloves
wear team hat and t-shirt

          cleats are optional, but recommended
bring water bottle or other drink






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