2005 Finals

Junior Girls Softball Division:
The championship game was a battle between 3rd place Reiner Air Conditioning and 1st place Maple Auto Repair.  Reiner AC started the offense early and led 3-0 at the bottom of the 2nd inning behind the strong hitting of Alyssa Schumpp.  Maple Auto tied it up in the 3rd inning with a based loaded blast by Brianna Marota.  Maple Auto then broke it open in the bottom of the last inning, with 3 RBI's from Katie Osback.  Final score:  Maple Auto Repair 11 - Reiner AC 3.
Senior Girls Softball Division:
The championship was a battle between 3rd place Fair Lawn Rotary and 1st place Gem Sports Center.   FL Rotary scored nearly every inning, scattering hits throughout the lineup.  Alyssa Martinez went 2 for 3 and Stephanie Samra went 1 for 2 with 2 RBI's.  Franchesca Polanca had a bases loaded single down the line which scored two runs.  In the last inning, Gem Sports hitters started to rally back.  With the bases loaded, Christine Ruiz hit the longest shot of the night which was ruled a ground rule double as it screeched into fans at the end of the park.  Gem continued the attack and were finally stopped after 4 runs were scored.  FL Rotary pitchers Chelsea Benjamin and Jackie Moschel struck out a total of 10 batters.  Tracy Wright and Alyssa Eccles combined to strike out 8 batters for Gem Sports.  Final score:  FL Rotary 10 - Gem Sports 4.