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All-Sports Awards Ceremony
    Fair Lawn All-Sports held their awards ceremony at the Dobrow Complex last night. It was an event that recognized the accomplishments of
    many of the individuals that support the program as well as Fair Lawn High School seniors that have been awarded scholarships. In addition, there
    was a ceremony dedicating the batting cages in the honor of the late Peter Mehl and Ken Strauss.

The honorees  were as follows

Dobrow/Halpern Scholarship Award
        Melissa Maneri - Track, Kenny Giancola - Wrestling

"Dixie Walker" Sportsmanship Award
        Vinnie Graff - Baseball (Major League)

"Barbara Marks" Sportsmanship Award
        Carly Ianuzzi - Softball (Juniors)

Fair Lawn All Sports Sponsors Awards
    Richard Raymond Insurance - 10 Years
    K&E Sports Center - 20 Years
    Carollo's Pizza - 20 Years
    Columbia Savings Bank - 20 Years

Fair Lawn All-Sports Directors Awards
    Frank Barone - 10 Years
    Jerry Carti - 10 Years
    Gary Link - 10 Years
    Matt Healy - 10 Years
    Harvey Ginsburg - 10 Years

Falr Lawn All-Sports Service Awards
Joe Hibo - Manager, Lions Club - 30 Years
Bob Toriello - Coach, Lions Club - 30 Years

Far Lawn All-Sports Batting Cage Dedication
In Memory of Peter S. Mehl and Kenneth M. Strauss

Fair Lawn All-Sports Scholarships
In Memory of Steve Ciolino    Billy Lynn
In Memory of Artie Kaminer - Eric Kohut
In Memory of Barbara, Caterine and Diane Marks - Kristen Noceti
In Memory of Dobrow/Halpern - Joe Harris, Dana Karabinos
In Memory of Dave Reiter - Joshua Mehl
In Memory of Matt Healy - Jennifer Samuel

    President Mandelbaum and Reid Fader                     Josh Mehl, Dave Reiter, Ben Mehl, Leslie Mehl             Joe Hibo                 Bob Toriello

Matt Healy, Gary Link, Harvey Ginsburg, Jerry Carti     Kenny Giancola, Melissa Maneri,                          Jenn Samuels accepting her award from Matt Healy                                                                                         Carly Ianuzzi, Vinnie Graff

Josh Mehl accepting his award from Dave Reiter         Joe Harris accepting his award from Tony Hodum         Jenn Samuels accepting from Matt Healy

Kristen Noceti accepting from Reid Fader         Mark Stempa speaking about Bob Toricelli             Award to Columbia Savings Bank - 20 years                                                                                     and Joe Hibo

    Eric Kohut accepting from Mrs. Kamner