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Soccer information 2006


Division 8  (Kindergarten boys and girls)

            This program will run as a clinic format.  Teams will be formed, and t-shirts will be distributed to each child.  The program meets on Saturdays from 1:30PM to 3:30PM beginning September 30th and ending November 11th at the Dobrow Complex.  The first half of each weekly session will consist of a clinic in which the players will rotate to different learning stations around the field.  The second half of the session will consist of scrimmages.  The players will get a chance to learn the game of soccer step by step, and then practice what they learned in a game all in the same session.  This program is purely educational, and not competitive.


Division 7 and 6 (1st and 2nd grade boys and girls)

            Fair Lawn All � Sports offers separate programs for the boys and the girls for these age groups.  Depending on the number of players registered from each group we will separate the 1st graders and the 2nd graders.  These programs will meet on Saturday mornings (for the Boys) or Saturday afternoon (for the Girls) for 1-� hours (times to be announced) starting September 16th and ending November 11th at Warren Point Annex or Brookdale Park. Teams will be formed, and t-shirts will be distributed to each player.  The first part of the session the teams will hold practices and warm up for the game to follow in the second half of the session.  These programs are educational, and non-competitive.  At this age the players are taught the fundamentals of the game.  Drills will be designed to allow the players to touch the ball the maximum amount of time.  Games are played on a short field with 7 players on the field from each team.  The rules of soccer will be stressed during games.


Divisions 5, 4, and 3 (3rd grade � 8th grade boys and girls)

Recreation Soccer

            Each division is made up of two age groups.  Division 5 is for 8 and 9 year olds, Division 4 is for 10 and 11 year olds, and Division 3 is for 12 and 13 year olds.  The cut off dates are explained on the registration forms.  Players may play with their grade group when ever possible.  Boys and girls are separated.  Each player receives a full uniform and a practice t-shirt.  Game jerseys and game shorts must be returned at the end of the season.  All teams play in the Northwest Bergen Soccer Association.  Teams will play against teams from around the northern Bergen County area.  The teams are drafted in accordance with the league rules.  Girls play on Saturdays at 9:15 AM or 11:00 AM.  Boys play on Sundays at 1:15PM or 3:00PM.  The games begin on September 9th  & 10th and finish in the middle of November.  Teams will practice two nights per week.  This is a recreation league, which offers a chance to play soccer under slightly competitive situations.  Players play to have fun and learn the game.


Select Program (3rd grade �8th grade boys and girls)

            These teams play in the North Jersey Junior Soccer League.  The league is more competitive.  Players try out for these teams.  The dates for the tryouts are given at registration.  Fair Lawn All � Sports has teams for every grade for the boys, and one team for every two grades for the girls.  Full uniforms are handed out with a practice t-shirt.  The game uniforms must be handed in at the end of the season.  Teams can play on any night or on Saturday mornings.  There is one game per week, and two practices per week.  Players that make these teams can play recreation soccer as well.  All-Sports strongly recommends that players play in both situations.  We feel that a player needs a balance of competition and fun.  This subject will be discussed with the parents at the tryouts.


All Soccer Players participating in Fair Lawn All Sports Soccer Program should have the following equipment: Shin Guards, proper fitting to be worn under socks, and optional soccer cleats. Baseball cleats are not allowed in the soccer program. At a minimum, the child participating in the program should wear sneakers. If a child wears eyeglasses, an appropriate croaker device must be worn to secure the glasses while playing.

In addition to the above, all Boys participating in the soccer program must wear an athletic supporter while playing.


Commissioners of Soccer

Oliver Wilhelm     201- 797-7649            Jeff Mazzola     201-703-1870    Don Oliver 201-797-2879                      

Northwest Bergen Soccer Association 

North Jersey Junior Soccer League

 Soccer skills and training

Side of the foot kick
Receiving kick
Throw In